We Specialize in the Repair, Rebuild and Replacement of Transmissions.

That means — after a thorough, professional diagnosis – Mars Transmission Service will:

  • Repair your transmission, replacing only the failed parts. Least pricey option.
  • Rebuild your existing transmission, in house, backed by The MTS standard 12 month / 12,000 mile warranty. Moderately pricey option.
  • Replace your transmission with a factory re-manufactured transmission (remanned) rebuilt to your vehicle’s specifications with a factory-backed, nationwide 3-year / 100,000 mile warranty. Often the most cost-effective option for long-term value.

And no matter what we decide together as the best course of action for your vital vehicle, rest assured you will get every penny’s worth of investment in your vehicle transmission solution–with a warrantee to back it up.


A complete diagnosis only costs $125 dollars—and we’ll put $75 dollars of that toward your job if you choose Mars Transmission Service to repair your vehicle.


Dodge, Ford & Chevy Truck Transmission Experts; SUV, Passenger Cars — and More!

While we specialize in all aspects of transmission repair and “remanned” replacement for Chevy / General Motors light-to-medium duty trucks, SUV’s and passenger cars; Mars Transmission Service has over 40 YEARS of hands-on practical experience across a wide variety of drivetrain and transfer case repairs, transmission component and differential repairs; plus considerable experience installing certified remanufactured replacement transmissions for almost any car, truck or SUV.


We’re well known by AAA and most leading auto clubs—and have a trusted and established association with a 24-hour emergency towing service in Valencia. If you’re in a pickle, just call Big Joe’s Towing at 724.502.4669.